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BAALAND robot vacuum

Multi-function cleaning modes:
Auto Cleaning Mode: automatically adjust the cleaning pattern to best fit the current room. Spot Cleaning Mode: cleans intensively in a spiral pattern when it detects a dirty area. Edge Cleaning Mode: cleans along walls and obstacles. Zig-Zag Mode: cleans in a zig-zag pattern for open area and mopping.

Clean wherever you want
The height of the vacuum cleaner is 3.15 inch (80mm), so it can conveniently clean where is difficult to reach. The combination of side brushes, rolling brush and suction is more effective for getting rid of dirt. The suspending structure design for the rolling-brush can automatically adjust to the appropriate height without harming your floors or carpets, always keeping close to the ground and ensuring the expected cleaning effect.

High-tech design:
Its Infrared sensor design gives it the abilities of Automatic relief function, Anti-drop system, you do not need to stare at it always. Auto-recharge function design, when its...

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