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Minibot X5
1 year ago

Minibot X5

Style Name:Minibot X5
Intelligent Standard Features
3-Step Cleaning System
Powerful suction picks up dirt and dust easily, spiral blade brushes do efficiently cleaning on hardfloors or tile,sides brushes get dirt free even in the corner.
Strong Suction Power:1000Pa vacuuming power works in conjunction with 2 side brushes and a motorized rolling brush to suck dust, grime, and crumbs as it sweeps .
Smart Navigation System:Minibot's navigation system doesn't just guide the vacuum cleaner through the cleaning. It also takes Minibot home to the docking station when its battery is running low.
Infrared sensors,will detect obstacles and the robot will lower speed in advance to avoid collision to protect your furniture.Anti-falling,with cliff sensors avoids the robot vacuum falling down from the stairs.
Extra-Long lasting Battery
Up to bring 140-160 Mins working time on a single charge over all other robot vacuums,cleaning more areas with less recharging to extend the lifespan of battery.
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